Dr. David Naysmith
@Risk Rescue System

Why the Need

A Message From Dr. David Naysmith

"As a practicing physician, I have responded to many emergencies in hospital settings. Surrounded by well-trained staff, with easy access to appropriate medications, most emergency problems are easily resolved.

I have also faced medical emergencies in ‘out of hospital settings’ where required equipment or medications were not available. When doing so I felt helpless and frustrated and the outcomes were not always favourable. Even my most respected colleagues who deal with medical emergencies on a daily basis, are powerless in such situations.

It became apparent to me that an untrained person could provide life-saving treatment for any given problem, if they have a simple protocol and the appropriate medication. With this in mind I designed the @ Risk Rescue System to manage known, potentially life-threatening, medical crises where seconds, not minutes, are critical. Each module is completely portable and custom designed for the individual at-risk."