The @Risk Rescue Station
should be highly visible.
Holds up to 20 kits.


Rescue Station

The Rescue Station may be hung on a wall in the main office, staff room, or first-aid room of a school, factory, recreation centre, or other institution. It should be highly visible at all times. The high visibility of the @Risk Rescue Station, allows staff to familiarize themselves with the individuals at-risk, and they can also promptly access the system in the event of an emergency.

Rugged Construction

The System can be easily
rolled-up and transported

The Rescue Station is constructed of durable, high-density foam mat.

The Rescue Station is lightweight and durable. The entire Station, along with up to twenty attached Rescue Kits, is portable enough to be quickly removed, rolled-up, and transported as part of an emergency evacuation, should an earthquake, fire, flood, or other catastrophic event occur.

It is our goal to have the @Risk Rescue System become the standard of care for people known to be at-risk.