Rescue Kits

Each Kit is designed to contain a photo of the individual who is at-risk, details about their medical condition, their medications and instructions for administering them, consent forms signed by the person at-risk (or their parent), and other vital information.

There are no ‘standard’ formats or protocols contained in the Rescue Kit. Each Kit is individualized for the person at-risk, with help from their physician. Since the Rescue Kit does not come with ‘standard’ or ‘pre-determined’ protocols, virtually any medical condition can be accommodated.

The Rescue Kits can be removed and easily transported with the individual who is at-risk when he/she is participating in events away from work or school, such as a field trip. Since each Rescue Kit is ‘self-contained’ it becomes a reliable resource for that individual in a variety of locations, whether at school, play, work or home. The owner of the Rescue Kit can take it with him/her at the end of the school year, or when changing places of employment.

The Rescue Kits can be easily secured to, and removed from, the Rescue Station.

Several Rescue Kits can be linked together and rolled-up for ease of transport.

Rescue Kit

Rescue Kit easily fits into
three-ring binder

Rescue Kits attach to Rescue Station