When every second counts


The @Risk Rescue Medical Crisis Response System provides a one-stop centralized Rescue Station to facilitate emergency treatment of these, and other, known life-threatening health risks, where access to simple treatment protocols and medications are critical.

For those at-risk from anaphylactic shock caused by severe allergic reactions to foods such as shellfish, milk, eggs, nitrates, soybeans, nuts, wheat, or MSG, or to bites and stings from insects such as spiders, wasps or bees, or to latex.

For those at-risk from severe asthma attacks, severe diabetic hypoglycemia, epileptic seizures, or angina.

The @Risk Rescue System can be utilized in a number of settings such as schools, summer camps, and the work place. Rescue Kits can be used in cars, boats, homes, and while at recreation. It is our hope that the @Risk Rescue Medical Crisis Response System will ultimately be the standard of care for known, life-threatening health risks.

Individual @ Risk Rescue Wallet

The @Risk Rescue Wallet has been developed to hold an auto injector such as EpiPen® or Twinject and a blister pack supply of drugs such as antihistamines, as well as the usual slots for credit cards, health card, etc. In addition, the individual can fill out an authorization card and an instruction card (supplied) if required. These wallets are ideal for use on a daily basis or for travel.

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